…go with the flow…

While swimming with my niece this summer, on a beautiful lake in the Tobeatic Reserve in Nova Scotia, I had a moment of magic with this perceptive 8 year old. The sun was glistening off the water.  We were enjoying its fresh softness, when we had the idea that we would swim out to a […]

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Performance anxiety has always been an issue in my life…not just when playing an instrument, but when speaking in front of people Growing up I believed I was supposed to be an extrovert…that was a respected thing…I tried…then I became a weaver and I sank deeper into my introverted ways… Being a musician and standing […]

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…an indigo day

What fun I had today…. This is the solution made with natural indigo, reducing and getting set for the vat. I have added the solution to hot water….now it sits for a bit. White linen, getting ready for the bath. What amazing things happen when you dye with indigo….because it requires oxidation to bring out […]

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…the risk…..

Each new project presents another risky challenge.  I hesitate through all the feelings of inspiration…I feel myself too excited to move and then backing away from the challenge….with fear that the cloth will become nothing at all and will have me tied up in the struggle of the weave….  This is an interesting parallel in […]

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