What, you say?…cancer is a gift?

Well, let’s think about that for a minute….pain and suffering have been avoided through time…..I have often wondered why monks beat themselves…what good is that?  Where do you go in your head to figure out how consciously afflicted pain could be something spiritual interpreters would consider holy…..I find myself moving forwards and backwards..through the lessons […]

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…all paths lead to the sea…

Weaving is often used as a metaphor for interconnection, for cause and effect, for paths travelled and crossed…I guess I won’t be the first or the last to do just that.  It is almost impossible not to see this connection when weaving….as with all creative expression, the source of inspiration comes from somewhere we often […]

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Meditative Focus

Weaving is a process that requires meditative focus.  I find myself weaving until that focus is elsewhere…then, I must stop…or I find myself spending far too much time undoing what I have done. Weaving reminds me to stay in that moment where the shuttle skids through the shaft and threads are placed with the right tension. What results is a cloth that reflects all those collected moments.  Weaving cannot be done quickly or in haste.  When you pick up a piece of handwoven fabric, remember that time stood still in the moments that those threads were crossed and stacked.  You can feel that energy in the cloth.  It is one of the wonderful gifts you acquire when you wear or use handwoven fabric.  Lately, I have been playing meditative music to help me with that focus.  There is more flow to the rhythm and as a result the fabric reflects that flow.  I am learning to observe my attention and what is required to stay with the weave.

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Sourcing Inspiration

Finding that moment when you can feel your heart beating just a bit faster…knowing that you’ve found the combinations of colour that will work…the texture, the flow, the pattern… I find it some days, everywhere…I may be just in the right mood and can see light and colour differently…and it can hit me when I […]

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Dyeing and the Backwoods Trail

Recently I tried my hand at natural dyeing.  With great anticipation I found myself wandering the backwoods of Nova Scotia with a friend….in January…yes, you might think it a bit crazy….but weavers and dyers and fibre artists of all kinds will go to great lengths to find the material they require.  I found some black […]

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